Asu no Yoichi!

Кандзи: 明日のよいち!
Жанр: комедия, романтика, этти
Формат: TV 12 эпизодов
Трансляция: с 2009-01-09 по 2009-03-27
Режиссёр: Кудзё Рион
Автор оригинала: Минамото Ё
Производство: AIC
Ссылки: Official Page, World Art, ANN, AniDB, Kage Project, RAW-проект
Having been raised and trained for the past seventeen years as a traditional samurai "bushi", Karasuma Yoichi was surprised when his father suddenly announces that there nothing more that he could teach his son, but he arranges for Yoichi to continue training at a dojo owned by one of his father`s friends. So now, Yoichi must leave the tranquillity of his remote rural mountain life and move to the city to live with the family of his father`s friend to continue his studies. And if learning how to cope with city life were not hard enough, he finds himself living with four beautiful sisters, having to endure a "training" regiment more severe than he could ever have imagined.

Note: "明日" ("asu" or "ashita") means "tomorrow", and "よいち" ("yoichi") means "night market".

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B1 Series 1-12 + OP&ED
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) 4,28 ГБ Torrent
1 1st Longsword - A Samurai is Coming!
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 01 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [6699E9AC].mkv 354,03 МБ Torrent
2 2nd Longsword - Welcome to Yokko!
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 02 RAW (1280x720 264 Vorbis) [9D8D0999].mkv 359,28 МБ Torrent
3 3rd Longsword - It`s Amazing When You Take It Off
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 03 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [F3902DFD].mkv 359,16 МБ Torrent
4 4th Longsword - Chihaya pretending to be Chihaya
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 04 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [43F354AE].mkv 353,72 МБ Torrent
5 5th Longsword - Let`s go on a Date!
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 05 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [395EF72E].mkv 345,76 МБ Torrent
6 6th Longsword - Wa-san is coming
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 06 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [395EF72E].mkv 379,21 МБ Torrent
7 7th Longsword - Half Exposed One Piece Bikini
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 07 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [C1AC8B78].mkv 363,65 МБ Torrent
8 8th Longsword - Sorry About the Other Time
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 08 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [038E4B1D].mkv 365,43 МБ Torrent
9 9th Longsword - Fly to the Firey Summer Festival
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 09 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [7EE71B88].mkv 363,58 МБ Torrent
10 10th Longsword - Secret Hot Springs Deathmatch!
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 10 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [B28BB051].mkv 379,41 МБ Torrent
11 11th Longsword - What Ibuki-san Received
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 11 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [144E2F9D].mkv 378,74 МБ Torrent
12 12th Longsword - Yoichi of Tomorrow
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! - 12 RAW (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [EF4EF3C6].mkv 332,85 МБ Torrent
C1 Opening
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! OP1 (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [910718B9].mkv 22,31 МБ Torrent
C2 Ending
[E-HARO Raws] Asu no Yoichi! ED (1280x720 x264 Vorbis) [AB75737C].mkv 22,60 МБ Torrent


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